Washington Washing Machine Fanboy?
Yes, I have to admit I'm a fan of an appliance.

Well this appliance had been running for 14 years before it let me know one day that it needed repairs by issuing a loud metalic grinding noise and then throwing its drive belt. My spouse and I decided, 'we're just going to go out and purchase a new clothes washer', and we almost did. We found a Kenmore Whirlpool something-or-other for twice what we paid for the Maytag, back at the, ah... turn-of-the-century. That would be the year 2000 for you Millennials. But then salesperson let it slip that the planned obsolescence for these new machines was about 6 to 7 years. Neither one of us could say anything as we shot quick glances at each other. So we gave excuses walked around for a moment and left the dying department store washing machine showroom.

I called a couple of repair services the next day, but each one wanted about $80 just to look at the appliance. "You can use the $80 dollars towards the repair work if you decide go ahead with it," I was informed. One repair service said it like they were doing me a favor and giving me the $80 to pay them with. "Oh, but that's only if the parts are still available"... Oh Boy! Here I go down another path and how far do I have to go on it?

Surprisingly, after searching the internet for only a few minutes, I found every nut, bolt, screw, drive belt, gasket and bearing to fix our beloved Maytag Neptune. Oh My Goodness Gracious Golly, and to make it even more irresistable, the part-company’s website had videos on how to do all the repairs for myself. It really was so easy! Remove and replace two tub bearings and seals, a new bellow, drive belt, a few screws back in place and Viola! We spent less than $200 for a machine that will last 3 times longer than a new one, for a quarter of the cost of a repairman, and almost less than a seventh the cost of a new one.

Now I know the wise advice is that we 'use professionals to save ourselves time and nuisance with things we're not experts at', but the difference between spending $1500 or spending $200 for something better is not Rocket-Surgery, it’s Brain-Science. Well Ok, we had to run to the local Laundromat a couple of times while waiting for parts and a day to fix it myself, but it was well worth it. Our Maytag is running as smooth as the day we bought her.

Maytag Neptune is a Trademark of Maytag Neptune, but the artwork was done by Warren.


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